A British teenager

A British teenager was stabbed 13 times and saw her boyfriend murdered in a bloodbath on a holiday island.

Maddison Wrixon, 18, tried to fight off a crazed knifeman who tied up Cristian Santana Guerra, 21, then stabbed him to death.

Brit Miss Wrixon, who lives on the Canary island of Fuerteventura, was rushed to hospital where she underwent emergency surgery which saved her life.
Police said she was expected to pull through.

The alleged attacker, reportedly a friend of the couple, was arrested hours later by police.

Miss Wrixon is thought to have been dating Mr Guerra, from the neighbouring island of Gran Canary, for just two weeks.

The couple were at Mr Guerra's flat in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura's capital, when their friend David, 20, arrived yesterday afternoon.

The friend is alleged to have pulled out a knife, threatened Mr Guerra, tied his hands up and stabbed him repeatedly, puncturing vital organs.

Local reports said Miss Wrixon tried to fight of the attacker, who then stabbed her 13 times, causing her to collapse on the floor.

Her boyfriend ran out of the flat, blood pouring from him, in a bid to get help.

Neighbours who heard the couple's screams called police, who found the boyfriend dead at 1pm in a hallway of the block of flats.

Newspapers on the island said the attacker was well known to police.

He left the knife and his mobile phone at the scene of the horrific crime, it was reported.

The alleged attacker, sporting a Taxi Driver-style mohawk haircut, was later arrested by armed officers.

Maddison, who is half Spanish, was taken by ambulance to the Virgen de la Pena general hospital, where she is recovering in intensive care.

The murder and attempted murder are being investigated by the National Police under the instructions of a magistrate at Investigative Court 1 in Puerto de Rosario.

A spokeswoman for the National Police, said: 'We are investigating the death of a 20-year-old man and an attack on his British girlfriend on Wednesday.

'She underwent surgery on Thursday morning and is out of danger. A 20-year-old man has been arrested.'

A source at the Interior Ministry's office in Gran Canaria said the attack was believed to have been sparked by a drug debt.

A police source said: 'This was a shockingly brutal murder. Maddison appears to be an innocent victim whose only crime was to try to protect her boyfriend.'